Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orton Slide Sandwich

[This was originally posted in my other blog about 3 years ago click here. Copying in here since it makes more sense to have it here]

Those who started reading this to master another gr8 recipe for a delicious yummy yum sandwich may stop now. this is not what u r expecting, this is a photography technique ;-)

I suggest u check www.yumyum.com they have recipes for some 97 types of sandwiches
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YumYum claims that they have 20000 free recipes, wow thats a BIG number...

CUT CUT CUT. i did not come here to talk about yumyum, who am i after all to talk about them? more over, y should i?

OK coming back to our photo sandwich
Came to know about it, from my photography club forum. so i thought may be i will share.

<History and Technique Brief>
This was first used by Michael Orton, thts y its called Orton Slide sandwich, this is done using slide film. The technique is to expose 2 shots of the same subject, one should be over exposed by two stops and the other should be out of focus. Then these two slides are sandwiched together to produce the final image.
</History and Technique Brief>

if u wanna know how to do this i think this will be useful click here

i hope i have not used too many jargons, but then even if i have, i can't help it. u can always go to google and just type define: what eva u wanna know

now a days for everything, its google,
wanna go some where, and need to know about the place Google it !
want to find a restaurant Google it !!
want to know who is Meghnad Saha Google it !!!
want to write a program, hay hay dont waste ur time, just Google it !!!!
(for many software engineers, Google is not just a website its their bread and butter, its their Google bhagvaan, im not kidding at all)
at the very moment i have 3 instances of google open, and this blogger is also from google
Kidos Google, u are simply gr8

Check this out Epic 2015 personally i think its very well possible

This is the age of digital photography, so how aboutcreating a slide sandwich image in digital? its much much easier, u can actually simulate this with photoshop, or any other image editing tools

Here is another link which tells about how to do it with PS

These are some of my tries to simulate Orton's yummy yum slide sandwich







Thats all for now... enjoy ur sandwich...

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